Learn and Earn

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DIABETES SUPPORT SERVICES - A 501c3 Non Profit Corporation


The program offers free one-on-one consultations to those seeking more guidance.

Participants are offered free use of the whole body sonic vibration machines for exercise. 10 minutes on a machine is equal to an hour of aerobic exercise. Go to www.TheJiggleJoint.com for details.  

Class attendees “earn” much more than their lifestyle kits. They receive a workbook complete with copies of the PowerPoint slide programs, handouts and educational materials. Snack bags with nutritional information and door prizes round out the meetings.

And a good time is had by all

At the beginning and end of each 12-week session, participants may choose to have their A1c tested to track the results of applying what they have learned. The success stories are impressive.

On the right track track...

There’s nothing funny about a diagnosis of diabetes, however, our programs are sprinkled with cartoons, sayings and humor to lighten the seriousness of the messages and making the sessions fun.

The best medicine ...

It is the purpose of Diabetes Support Services to individuals living with diabetes and their families replacing their fear with education and empowerment so they can live full and productive lives.

Learn and Earn students are taught the use of glucose meters and blood pressure cuffs, what the numbers should be and how to record the results. The earned lifestyle kits are filled with tools to help them track their progress when they apply what they have learned!

Learn and Earn - what a novel idea! Learn how to cope with a diagnosis of diabetes and earn the
tools to stay on the path  to a healthier lifestyle!!

The curriculum is presented through PowerPoint programs designed and written in-house, films, and other media. These cover every topic someone with diabetes needs to take away their fear and replace it with hope.  Class participation is encouraged. Students sharing their experiences enhances and enlightens the message.  Certified educators with a combined history of over 100 years of living with diabetes facilitate the program.